i love watching anything with ghosts involved

(i love ghosts)

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never challenge alex to an arcade game

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alex has a habit of singing songs off the lilo and stitch soundtrack without even realizing it

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alex’s family (is sadly less sunshiney)

his mom was really sweet and he had a big fun dad. when they met, it was like love at first sight. they loved alex to death (lol) and (for four years) they were the happiest family

he was p young when his parents died. after that, his aunt (the younger sister of his dad) took care of him. (she ends up being a great guardian, but he still struggles with it.)

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lil baby stephen and his family

he’s the youngest of four (his older brothers are triplets, fortunately they’re nice), he’s a total momma’s boy, and together they’re a big happy family

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the boys sporting terrible summer outfits from f21

i had plans to finish these a while ago (to celebrate my favorite season!!) but I’ve been slacking with photoshop :c

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